Menora for InternationalsMenora for Internationals

Menora for Internationals was founded to help foreign students and young international tourist maximize their jewish experience in Buenos Aires. Menora for internationals is a program from a world organization: Menora founded by Rabbi Isaac Sacca

1. We're here to help you!

You are not alone on your trip to Buenos Aires, Mint (Menora for Internationals) has all the help you need in your stay here.

2. Meet People

We could find you a place to eat on Shabbat (home-made meals just like home!), we can contact you with other international young jewish people. But if you want to practice your spanish we've also events when you'll meet young jewish argentinian people!

3. An amazing experience

So... if you want to live an unique experience in Argentina and as a jew... just feel free to contact us! We've being doing this for more than 2 years, and... we've now friends of Mint all over the world

Want to visit Menora?Want to visit Menora?
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Menora Center – Chella & Moise Safra

Cabello 3206, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: (11) 4800-1200


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